This is a wonderful place for your wedding or Blessing service and we will bring sensitive help and support to each couple as
they get ready for their special day.

If you would like to talk to our priest about this possibility and what is required then come to the Church Hall on a
Wednesday evening between 5.00p.m - 6.00pm.

If this is just not possible then call or email using details on our Contact page.

The church is very beautiful and the grounds are perfect for the event, whatever the time of year including dates around
Christmas and New Year.

In addition to the wedding itself we take great care preparing couples as they make this important step in their relationship.
Together we think through some of the emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of marriage. In this way we help enrich the
experience and put it on a secure and enduring foundation.

For your information, the church fees for 2018 (including all statutory fees and music) are 640 excluding flowers.

Additional flowers are modestly priced and our flower arrangers are widely known for their artistry and skill.

We would be pleased to hear from you and discuss plans for your marriage and your very special day.

Frankley Parish Church and part of the Church of England diocese of Birmingham
St Leonards Church
Church Hill
B32 4BL
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